Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oliver @ 5 Months

On Monday Oliver turned 5 months.
I feel like I just wrote his 4 months, it's going by very fast. 
Even though it's gone fast Oliver has made a lot of progress this past month, he is pretty mobile now. He rolls everywhere and can get to whatever he wants to now, and he's trying to scoot now to reach things. My guess he will be crawling a lot earlier than Thomas.
He really likes SeaWorld, giving hugs and kisses. He's my cuddly baby and I love it. He's pretty good about playing by himself now on the floor, where as in the past I had to hold him all the time.

And he gives you the sweetest smiles that just melt your heart!
So while I was taking pictures of Oliver, Thomas wanted to join in, which is funny because he usually hates when I tell him to sit to take a picture, but I was more than happy to take pictures of his crazy, morning hair; and to practice with my new lens I'm still figuring out, but I love it!

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glad2bemommy09 said...

Gosh lee your boys are stinking cute!!!!!!!