Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blue Horizon and Catch Up

Living so close to SeaWorld, Thomas and I get to see a lot of the shows. Our favorite is the Blue Horizon: The Dolphin and Whale Show, we probably see it once a week. Thomas loves it!
It's really cute watching him, he claps after every trick and he waves hi back to dolphins when they are waving with their fins.
It was very hot that day. 

The false killer whale. 

And sometimes when we go to SeaWorld we have Dustin draw us. 

Than here are pictures of Thomas the other day, he loves playing on our bed and messing it up, so why do I even make our bed? 

And here is a picture if Thomas' new haircut, Dustin did a good job. This kid has so much hair it seems like we are always cutting it. 

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