Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thomas at 18 Months!

I finally got the pictures I wanted!

 I wasn't planning on taking pictures today but it worked out anyway!
The wrapping paper was still on the wall by our bed when Thomas climbed up the bed and sat there, playing and having a good time, so I saw an opportunity and took the camera out. 

Also Dustin wasn't at work yet, and when he came in the bedroom he got Thomas laughing his head off and distracted him while I was shooting like a mad women. 

So here's Thomas as 18 months:
He loves bubbles, 
I've regretted buying him a huge thing of bubbles because that's all he wants me to do.
He loves playing outside, going on walks, to the park and SeaWorld
His favorite animal in SeaWorld at the moment is Jelly Fish, he could stare at them all day.
He loves to sword fight with any kind stick or spoon.
He loves being read to.
"mom" is his favorite word, or the one he uses the most.
He likes nursery (so far).
He's not a big eater.
He's showing more interest in coloring.
Loves playing in the water.
And he is one happy boy.


Nancy said...

Oh, these are so cute! He has a great smile! I'm glad that you were able to get some good shots! I can't believe that he's already 18 months! Time is flying by!

Brynde and Ian said...

How fun! He's such a cutie :)

Jacob & Kylie said...

He is so cute!

Lisa said...

Great pictures! You have talent and Thomas is just plain adorable!

Brianna said...

Wow these are incredible. You have some serious talent. Now you REALLY need to fly to Arizona so I can hire you to take our family pictures.. preferably before I get pregnant and fat again :) ha ha!

Heather said...

your little boy is so cute! He is just darling. You guys are really talented with the photos too. Wish I was that good.