Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Take 1 and Take 2

Thomas  will be 18 months next month so I decided to take his 18 month pictures early since next month we are going to be traveling all over the country. Well, let's just say I have been frustrated, I can't get the pictures that I want, Thomas has just been too busy being a little boy to sit down and work with me. ;)

So here are 2 failed photo shoots, but I'm not giving up just yet, I'm going to try one more time when Dustin is home, because I'm hoping Dustin will be able to distract him enough to keep him in one spot, and get him to smile, because many of these he is crying. 

The first shoot, I liked the colors a lot better, but Dustin said the pictures were weird because Thomas is licking the bubble blower, I agreed but it was the only way to make him happy. 

The second shoot I felt better prepared, I purchased 2 suckers from an AWESOME candy store near us, thinking I would have better success, ummmm nope...

silly me to think I could get those perfect pictures.  



Hopefully next time I will get better pictures, I'm kinda doubting it.

A funny side note, so Thomas hates getting his picture done (when I'm trying to pose him) but he LOVES looking at pictures of him. He points at the computer while I'm editing and he yells out of excitement " TA TE TA", translation: "It's Thomas!" 


Nancy said...

I agree with you, I like the colors of the first set of photos better than the second. Taking photos of kids is so hard. They don't like to cooperate for some reason. I feel your frustration! Good luck!

Clarissa said...

Sorry to say this but, get used to it!! Stu started not cooperating for pics. around then and is still not very good at looking when I want him to.. and he is 2 1/2. I think it gets better around 3. (: Your background is super cute though!!

And, really those are some sweet pics. they just show his personality and that he is a busy boy!