Monday, April 2, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A series of unfortunate events... 

and I'm not talking about the books, even though they are great. 

I'm talking about when we attempted to take our own family pictures. 

This Sunday I wanted to take some family pictures because we don't have that many. A month ago I purchased a tripod for $20 because I figured it's cheaper than paying a photographer. Here in Florida photographers are a little pricey and most of them I don't really care for their style, there was one lady I did like who did our friend's pictures but she isn't quite in the Orlando area, so I decided to do it myself.

I'm not sure if that was a great idea, ha ha. First thing, I couldn't decide what I wanted us to wear, than when I finally decided I couldn't find one of Thomas' shirts, so I had to compromise. Than Dustin couldn't find his wallet (this is an everyday thing) and I wanted to get going because I didn't want to miss the "magic hour", what I mean by magic hour is the perfect lighting outside to take pictures, it's either right after sunrise or right before sunset, so I decided to drive. 
We originally were going to take pictures at Celebration which is the cutest little town that Walt Disney started, but again I was afraid of it getting too late because it seemed it was getting dark pretty quick. So we headed to the nearest park, and right as we got there, it started to rain, yep, my nightmare was complete.  I was not in a good mood, I should have known, we live in Florida, it rains a lot.  
Dustin told to me to calm down and that it would end soon, but I kept saying, "But we are going to miss the magic hour!" I think sometimes I can get a little dramatic. 
So we decided we might as well take pictures in the car: 

So here is the depressing rain, I usually love the rain, but not that day.

Dustin showing the disappointment.

Thomas loved it!  He liked the rain and climbing all over the car. 

Me trying to take at least one cool picture on this trip.

Than Thomas came to cheer me up and we played peek-a-boo.

As dustin predicted the rain stopped after half an hour.  

So I started to get things ready, and Thomas thought he would help...

Maybe he helped a little too much because he wouldn't leave the tripod alone and anytime we took him away from it he would scream and cry, so it was hard to get a family picture so Dustin and I were taking pictures of each other trying to find perfect lighting while Thomas was doing his own thing. 

We finally got Thomas away from the tripod for a second but than he started crying and so here's a picture of him running towards the tripod while I was trying to figure things out. 

Than this picture is hilarious because we finally got Thomas to stop crying and now we were trying to get Thomas to look at the camera and make him happy that we ended up looking like dorks, oops...

We finally got this picture, it's not the best, but hey, we are ALL looking at the camera and look somewhat decent. 

I cropped in a little which I usually don't like to do because it's makes the picture low res, but O well. 

And we got this one too, than it started to rain again.

So I didn't quite get the pictures that I wanted, but now we have this great memory that we can laugh about later right?

But next week we might try again, and this time hopefully in Celebration because I don't only want to take some family pictures, I want to take some pictures of the town, it's really that cute! It's another thing I recommend seeing if you are ever in this part of Florida.

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Clarissa said...

Family pictures are always so hard for us too! Glad you got some good ones, you look so cute I love your outfit!