Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One of the Scariest Moments of My Life

Monday morning I woke up 1:30 a.m. by some weird beeping, and siren. The beeping was coming from our fire alarm but it wasn't the normal loud, obnoxious beeping, it was a little one every so often. I first blew it off, than I realized I was also hearing a firm alarm coming outside of our apartment.

I woke up Dustin, and asked him what was that noise, it couldn't possibly be the fire alarm? I didn't see any smoke. We got out of bed, Dustin looked at our deck and their were fire trucks and police cars with their sirens. He checked outside our apartment and we saw some people doing the same thing, but a lot people didn't seem too nervous. Dustin said it was probably a false alarm, than I look out the window from our deck and saw more fire trucks and sirens and flashing lights going off. I told Dustin I wanted to get out of the apartment right away. I kept picturing a fire in our apartment, and I started freaking out. We woke up Thomas and headed out, we didn't even think about taking anything with us, we just left. I kept thinking in my head "we need to get out, we need to get out."  When we got to the parking lot we saw a lot of people out there and three fire trucks and several police cars. We couldn't see what was going on, I didn't see any smoke, so I was still wondering if it was a false alarm. It was cold outside and Thomas and I were cold, so Dustin hurried back to our apartment to get a blanket.
And that's when I saw smoke coming up from the top of our complex, than A LOT of smoke coming out of a window, I started freaking out, I counted the windows to see how close it was to our apartment, it was 2 windows down from our apartment, than I really started freaking out, I looked at the stairs to see if Dustin was coming but there was no Dustin. My first instinct was to run up and find him, but I had Thomas in my arms so I couldn't bring myself to go up, than I heard a guy saying to the people who were still in the complex "You need to get out right NOW! They can't contain it!" and fireman were knocking on people's doors getting them to evacuate. I was starting to loose it, I kept on saying, "He's fine, he will show up any minute."Finally Dustin showed up, and I have never been so relieved.
We were out there a little over an hour, and they hosed down the apartment with water and they finally got it in control, someone said the apartment was burnt to crisp, and some of the apartments next to it smell like smoke, and the apartment below will have water damage.
They finally let us in our apartment, and luckily out apartment was fine, it didn't even smell like smoke.
No one got hurt, Luckily the apartment was empty but we didn't know what caused the fire, but I'm so grateful that no one got hurt. Count your blessings.

Later that day, I went to see the apartment, since it was 2 doors down, and it was in a really bad shape, everything was burnt. On the News it said a couch caught on fire and that's what caused it. Now that's over I almost feel silly being so scared, but when you are in the moment you can't help it, and that it was so close to our apartment and at first they couldn't stop the fire I thought there was a chance all of our stuff was going to be gone, not that we have much, but all of our files on our computer. ALL of our art work and pictures are on that computer. But we also realized if that happened it would be ok because it's just stuff, and like I said, when we first ran out of apartment we didn't think about it, all we cared about was being safe.

Well, I'm grateful that everything turn out ok, I know the Lord was watching over us.

*I just realized in the news video you can see us, it's just hard because it's in the dark, but we are in the middle right, I'm right behind Dustin, but you can see me carrying Thomas. I hope next time I'm in the news it will be in a different situation. 


Nancy said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad the fire didn't spread and everyone was ok! That's so scary! I actually saw your FB post about it cuz I was up feeding Jenna but I was too out of it to comment and then I forgot about it until you posted this.

Jamie Blake said...

That sounds incredibly scary. So glad you guys are okay!

Jeff Bitton said...
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Rooneys said...

oh first that deleted comment was mine..haha..jesse was stilled signed into his work account..so heres my actual comment from me..
so WOW! I finally read this story and so glad you guys are OK! I almost cried reading this story! And I love how you just ran with your husband and boy cuz I loved what you said that you would lose a lot in a fire but what matters most would be with you. Scary story but inspiring!