Monday, April 2, 2012

Missionary Experience

Last week Dustin and I were able to have some friends over to hear some missionary discussions. I was very excited because it was the first time I have had missionaries teach some of my friends.
It was an experience that I will always remember and learned from. The missionaries did a good job teaching the story of Joseph Smith and the restoration, than afterwards Dustin and I bore our testimonies to our friends. It was very interesting and I had different emotions go through me, first I felt the spirit so strong when the missionary talked about the first vision, I have heard that story all my life and every time I hear about it I have that burning feeling from the Holy Ghost telling me that it is true. I explained this to our friends and I also shared that I think it's amazing that the Lord appeared to a 14 year-old boy, that he calls the humbled, like Moses in the Old Testament, Moses was slow in speech but yet the Lord called him to lead his people out of Egypt. With God anything is possible.
As we were talking about the Gospel I looked at two of our friends and looked at their expressions, and one looked like he is was thinking "When is this going to be over with?" and the other one I could tell  was listening to what we were saying, but I knew it was going no where with them. I was hurt and sad, I wanted to yell, "Do you not realize we are giving you the greatest message in the whole entire world? The truth that's going to make you happier?" but I didn't, but I did say this, "If there is a God, wouldn't he always be the same? So if he had prophets and apostles in the Old Testament time, wouldn't he do the same today? Yes, and he does, there is a prophet today his name is Thomas S. Monson, and there are 12 apostles today, I have met some and I know they are men of God. Also if there is a God wouldn't he want his church throughout the world, and not just one church house in small little town? Also, if it is His church wouldn't it be the same wherever you go? Well, his church IS throughout the world and it IS the same wherever you go. I have been to this church is Rexburg, Idaho, Orlando Fl, Lewisburg, PA, Porto, Portugal, Rome, Italy, Paris, France and it's been the same, and has come from one source, and that source is from God. He wants everyone to know about His church and that is why he sends missionaries to spread his Gospel. So how can this church not be true, it just makes sense." I felt so much power saying that, but again they didn't seem to realize what I was saying, and I was hurt and I took it personally, which I shouldn't because it's not about me it's about Heavenly Father, and that was that. After they left I kept thinking about it and I started getting embarrassed, because I cried when I was talking and that they probably thought I was weird, because if you never heard about our church it might seem weird. Than I thought that I shouldn't be embarrassed about what I believe in, and I'm not, I'm glad that I shared my testimony.
The next day Dustin got a chance to talk to one of the guys about what we talked about he said he's not going to join the church but he was glad to hear what we said and that he respects us, and that we said things that he will think about.
Even though no one wanted anymore discussions, I'm glad we shared because you never know, and with Mitt Romney running for president there have been many negative stuff about the church, so it's good to share so people know the truth and hopefully have a good opinion about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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