Sunday, April 22, 2012

He's All Boy

boy, n.
1. noise with dirt on it

I love my little boy, can't you tell? Is it because I take A GAZILLION (is that a word?) pictures of him, and post about him everyday?
He really is a lot of fun, I really like this stage, he's really active and loves to play, but still has cuddle time with mommy.

I really like how these pictures turned out, even though they aren't what I had in mind. That exact same day I bought him some rain boots and a umbrella so I could take "cute" pictures of him jumping in the puddles with his cute little boots and umbrella, ummm.... think again, he HATED the boots (he hates shoes as I have mentioned before) so I'm lucky to even got him to wear his flip flops, and he didn't "jump" in the puddles, he DIVED in them, what can I say he is ALL boy, and I love him for it!


West Family said...

You are a fun mom letting your little boy get all muddy! so fun!

Lisa said...

That looks so fun! Can't wait to see Thomas with his cousins!

Anonymous said...

Way cute pictures again! No surprise there! Oh and I love your watermark! What made you come up with that name! It fits you so perfectly though :) Love you!

Nancy said...

These are such cute pictures!!! I love them!! Thomas is so cute and I love that you are letting him be a little boy and play in the mud and water!