Friday, December 6, 2013


This morning we woke up to this:
I was one happy camper, since I miss having a white Christmas! And the crazy thing is, Wednesday it was 75+ degrees! I didn't think it would last and melt right away so I made the whole family come out to enjoy the fun. We couldn't do much since it was pretty much all ice but Oliver loved it and crawled all over the place and tried eating it too, that funny kid. Thomas liked it until he got cold, he didn't want to wear his gloves and when he finally let us put them on his hands they were already too cold for his comfort. 

What was also great was all the schools were closed so Dustin had the day off! Yeah I thought it was funny that everything was close because of the ice, we aren't in Rexburg that's for sure or school would still be going on, but I can't complain it was great having Dustin home; we stayed inside, watched Christmas movies, and I made cookies, and had hot soup for dinner. 

It was a perfect winter day! 

-And it never melted like I thought so we might head out again tomorrow! Got to enjoy it while it lasts here in Texas.

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