Monday, December 2, 2013

Oliver @ 10 Months

This post is way over due, he's more like 10 and a half months now. 

What's new with Oliver:

He's a smart cookie, that's for sure! I pray he's a good teenager or I am in trouble. When he wants to do something, he does it, and he does it perfectly. For example, today I was at my in-laws and they have wood, and pretty steep stairs (we don't have any stairs because we live in an apartment so he's never around stairs) and I was busy doing something and he knew I was occupied and I couldn't stop him, he headed up the stairs and he was half way up there before I caught him, and that is the FIRST time he has even touched the stairs, he's always on the go.  I really think it will be a matter of time before he will try and climb out of the crib. He's cruising every where and he started to take one step to reach to the other furniture, and again, he does it perfectly and doesn't mess up or stumble. Sometimes I will watch him climb something and see how he's going to get down and he always finds a way and does it gracefully like his done it a million times, it's CRAZY!

He also LOVES to wrestle with Thomas, it's sooo fun to watch. But he also knows what buttons to push to annoy Thomas, it's kind of funny...

He loves to sing, he will sing with us in church and he will sing the tunes of some of the soundtracks we listen to in the car, like I can tell which songs he's singing.

He loves to dance, he doesn't do it often but he likes to bounce up and down.

He loves to wave bye and will say, "Ba, ba" and he can say "mommm" and "Daaa" but only if he wants to, and I guess the other day he said grandpa, Dustin's parents and sister heard him, but I wasn't there.

And when he doesn't want to eat his food he will hide it behind him in the high chair, so I think he eat it. So he can be sneaky....

He's a lot of fun, and I love his hugs and kisses, and I love that he's a momma's boy!

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