Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snap shots of December

Last week we got iced in for 4 days! So we had a long weekend so we played outside a couple times and did some fun Christmas crafts. It was crazy weather, at first I teased Texas for shutting everything down but it's different than Idaho, there was no snow so everything was completely ice so it was way more dangerous so I was humbled this past weekend.ha ha
1. We made a snowman craft. 2. We have had a lot of hot chocolate 3. We made some snow flakes.
4. We made some snow globes(Thomas LOVED the snow globes he carried those things everywhere) 5. Playing around 6. Making paper trees 7. Hanging out around the Christmas tree 8. The Nativity I painted this last year. 9. Thomas playing with his snow globe.
And Oliver being so cute and growing up way too fast.

Also this week Dustin got two caricature gigs and made some good money. So if we can have more of those that will be a nice second source of income. And we are heading to Rexburg in a week! I'm so excited! Anyway, there is a little update on us.

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Brianna said...

Love it! Christmas is so fun with kids. I have loved this month, doing fun crafts, and singing Christmas songs, and baking treats. Looks like your family is having a great time toO!