Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas 2013

I finally have some time to blog about Christmas. This year we celebrated Christmas in Rexburg with my parents. I was very excited because, one, it had been over a year since I've been in Rexburg, and second, my parents haven't had Christmas with my kids before. And it was great; and I have a lot of pictures to prove it! And I'm already miss having them around especially when Thomas asks to see grandma and grandpa from Idaho, and asks where the snow has gone? But before we left we had a little Christmas with Dustin's  parents and the kids loved what they got from grandma Lisa and grandpa Doug. Grandma Lisa gave Thomas some cool super hero underwear hoping to get Thomas excited for potty training, but that died pretty quick when Dustin told him to put it on his head. So we will see how potty training is going to be like in a couple of weeks... maybe I should have Dustin do it....
The Sunday before Christmas we headed to Idaho, which was our 4-year anniversary so we celebrated earlier that week. Then we stopped at Denver at Dustin's uncle's house then finished our drive to Idaho that Monday.

On Christmas Eve I went shopping with my mom which was fun, we went to the toy section and she asked what the kids liked and packed a whole cart-full of toys for Christmas, she spoiled them, and we also got Thomas some snow clothes. Also that day the kids went outside and played with real snow, I say real because in Texas this last year it was all ice when we had that strange ice storm. And the kids loved it! Oliver crawled all over and eat as much as he could, and Thomas was excited to build a snowman, and I thought their snowman turned out pretty cute. Grandpa West came also came out to play and helped pull the kids on the sled, which was a big hit.

Then Christmas Eve night we gave the kids baths and let them open their pajamas and got ready for bed when a visitor came...

Thomas was so excited when Santa walked in the house, it was really cute.

And, Oliver not so much....

But he liked hanging out with Grandma West:

Then Christmas morning, it was so fun and exciting this year, it's really fun being a parent and seeing your kids get excited, it brings the magic back.

Everyone woke up pretty early, but Thomas slept in a little bit so we were all waiting for him, but when he realized it was Christmas morning and that he could finally open his presents he got pretty excited.

Thomas ready to see what Santa brought:

Opening presents:
I forget how long it takes for younger kids to unwrap presents, they want to start playing with their toys right away and have little interest opening the next present.

Us Christmas morning with our new pajamas and our lovely bed hair:

Later in the week we went to Smith Park and went sledding. Thomas loved it, Oliver liked it but rather play in the snow.

Then for New years we headed to Utah to hang out with some of our families, it was so good to see everyone and Thomas loved playing with his cousins. 

Susie and Thomas shared a bed at night, they were so cute together.

While I was in Utah I got to do a photo shoot of my new niece, I haven't finished editing them but I got this picture before the actual shoot and really liked it, so here's a picture for my mom.

We headed back this last Friday and stopped at Denver for a day to hangout with Dustin's sister and family  and now we are back. It's nice to be home again and get back to schedule but I miss my family already... if only we could all live close by... that would be great. But it's been great having all the new toys, the kids have been entertained all week so I have had time to work on stuff. 

So we had a great Christmas and we are excited about this new year!

I know this picture is blurry but I wanted to show you another Thomas drawing. We got him an easel this year (he got a lot of art supplies for Christmas which he has loved) and the other day he drew this whale, this kid is awesome, and the circle things are sharks and their teeth. Anyway, had to show it because I'm one proud mom!

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I love the pictures! You have such a cute family. by through way what camera do you use?