Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Tree!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a great one! We took the kids to see Frozen, which I would recommend by the way, then we headed to my uncle's house with my brother and his family and it was great; and I'm pretty sure I have put on some couple of pounds the last two days, but it was totally worth it! I didn't take pictures, for some reason I never have desire to take pictures during Thanksgiving, I tell Dustin is the one holiday I just don't really care to take pictures; maybe because all the chaos before to get the dinner ready, then by than I'm starving that a I don't care about getting a picture of the dinner, then afterwards were all sitting around with our bellies hanging out and not wanting to do anything. Ha ha so no pictures.

Anyway... so I'm one of those people that usually waits till after Thanksgiving to start thinking about Christmas, but this year we kinda broke that rule, and it wasn't my fault, it was Dustin! So last week I got an awesome deal on our Christmas tree $18 at a second hand store, thanks to my mother-in-law-she was the one that found it. And when Dustin saw that we got a tree he wanted to put it together to see it, which led to putting lights on, which got the kids all excited, which led me to getting excited about putting on all the ornaments that I got last year in the clearance section after Christmas so I've never used them and have waited ALL year! So we ended up putting the tree up last Wednesday then waited till the next day to put the ornaments up because it was getting late.
It was so fun to watch the kids get excited about it, and Thomas was very excited to get a Christmas tree in our house and not just look at them at the stores.
While we were putting the lights on I was telling Thomas that the next thing was to put ornaments to make the tree pretty, and I told him that we have ornaments that are trains and airplanes, and next thing I know he was putting all of his toy airplanes and trains, and eventually any toy on the tree, so I don't know if he thought I meant toys or that he was too excited to wait for me to get the real ornaments out! Ha ha silly kid. I got most of his toys out, but we still have Spider-man in there somewhere.
The kids also had a great time playing in the box!
After all the decorating we had home-made hot chocolate and listened to some Christmas music.
Oliver has been pretty good about not messing with the tree he was interested in it the first day before we even had ornaments on, but he couldn't care less which has surprised me, since he likes to get into everything. Thomas leaves it alone unless someone comes over and he wants to show them the tree and moves things around.
Here's the tree and I love it! I feel like the pictures don't do it justice, but I LOVE IT! So I took a lot of pictures of the tree anytime the kids were wearing something cute, and I'm pretty sure I will keep posting pictures of my kids in front of this tree this whole month so that's just a heads up! I also have our entertainment/shelves all decked out cute I just haven't taken pictures yet! Anyway I'm excited for this time of the year it's my favorite, and this year we are heading to Rexburg for Christmas! I'm very excited I haven't had Christmas in Rexburg since 2008 and that was when I was single so it's been way toooooo long!

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