Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thomas @ Three

Thomas at Three:

Favorite color is blue
Favorite super hero (at least the last few months): Batman
Favorite food: Pizza, Mac-n-cheese
Favorite Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream 
Favorite toy: His LEGO batman and his batman car
Favorite activities: Loves to draw, paint, running around, going to parks, and playing with kids his age.
Some things he is grateful for (we have been doing a thankful tree this year): Daddy is #1 every time, mommy, Oliver, nursery, church, birthdays, batman cake, lego batman, Thomas S. Monson, daddy's work,  and Harry Potter.
 Measurements: I think he weighs 28 lbs , he was in the 25th percentile and 95th on height so he's really tall. 

Thomas for the most part is really sweet boy and you better not mess with his little brother, Oliver, or he will pretend to shoot an Iron man beam at you. He's always been a little eater till the last month he eats a lot and seems to always be hungry. He eats 2 bowls of cereal in the morning, and eats pretty good size lunch, like half a box of Mac-n-cheese, and eats a couple snacks a day, like an apple or bread or whatever I have in the house, then eats whatever we are eating at dinner time, so if you've been around Thomas at all you know that's a pretty big deal since he used to eat almost nothing, so I'm glad he has a bigger appetite now and I hope it keeps up.

He loves watching movies and if he has the remote he loves to pause it every second and look at the image and "analyze" it, it can be annoying but if I'm doing something else I let him do it. Dustin and I wonder if one day he will be a story-board artist. He loves listening to soundtracks with me in the house and in the car. His favorite is Batman Begins by far but he likes Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Superman and he can sing the tunes to most of those songs.

He's really fun to be around and I love our little conversations we have in the car, I love seeing him learn a new word or concept and applying it in his life. I don't know how many letters or numbers he knows because he doesn't like me to quiz him but if he wants to he will say the letters but right now he's not that interested, I feel like he knew more the letters last year than now but than again he surprises me when he spells out things.

He is such a fun kid and I can't believe he's Three!

So I took these pictures the other day, one time in the morning but it was cold so we weren't out long, then that afternoon, and he insisted that he wore the Superman cape, so there you have it!

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