Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I love being a Mom

One of the greatest things about being a mom, I sometimes feel like I can be a kid again! Most days I think how lucky I am to be home with these two adorable boys, but about time Dustin gets home I'm usually going crazy so he probably doesn't think I feel that way. But I honestly have a lot of fun with these kids and I love doing things that I used to do as kid, and it makes the day that much more fun.

More and more Oliver and Thomas are playing together and it's so fun to watch, and it makes my days a little easier and I have been able to get more house work done in the day, but sometimes they need some source of entertainment so we have done a few forts and they love it! Also since the weather has been nice we go to park near the schools before we pick up Dustin and we've been having a great time. 

I feel like motherhood keeps getting better.... and harder of course. Children are seriously the best thing, I feel like they keep you young. I get excited about the little things again, and everything is that much more exciting. Holidays have that magic again, I love hearing Thomas talk about trick-or-treating still and he's getting excited about Christmas!

So what I am saying is, I love being a mom!

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