Thursday, November 7, 2013

Big Three!

Three years ago I became a mom because of this guy! I can't believe I have a three year-old, I remember being three, and it wasn't that long ago, so I know this kid will be a grown-up before we know it; so I better enjoy him when he is still little!

Thomas was excited about his birthday, he knew birthdays were a big deal because we just celebrated Dustin's and he has seen his cousins' birthdays so when I told him his was coming up he was very excited! He even helped me bake the cake the day before and was pretty excited to see it finish this morning, he kept asking when he could eat his batman cake. 

We started the morning by letting him open his presents from Dustin and I. We got him some Harry Potter glasses, a Batman LEGO book, and the Bat cave, and Dustin drew him a cute caricature of him as batman. 

O and before I forget, when he first woke up I said "Happy Birthday Thomas!" and he responded, "Happy Birthday mommy!" what a sweet boy, but we had to explain to him that it was his birthday ha ha. He figured out pretty quick that it was kinda his day, that when we were at the Doctor's today for his and Oliver's check up he kept telling the nurses that it was his birthday.

Later that night, we had Dustin's parents, Grandpa, and his sister with her family come over  for pizza and cake. Thomas got to open more presents, this time he had a better idea about this whole present unwrapping thing and had a great time!

Than the cake, he was excited to blow out the candles and finally to eat the cake!
I'm so glad this little boy is in our lives, he is fun, sweet, and my little helper.


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