Monday, August 18, 2014

Oliver @ 18 Months

This is well over due, since Oliver will actually be nineteen months before this week is through, but better late than never! 

With Thomas, I was so much better taking pictures, poor Oliver and our future children because I have feeling each kid I will be less and less likely to take a lot of pictures.

Well, one of the reasons, I have been bad at taking pictures of Oliver is because this kid is nearly impossible to get a good picture, he is always on the move. The only time this kid sits down is to eat or while reading a book. This little photo shoot, if you would call it a photo shoot, was nearly impossible and I'm lucky I even got these pictures.

So a little about Oliver:

He is not a fan of Nursery at church, well he's fine as long as Dustin or I are in there, which is kinda hard since we both have callings in the church.

He loves Thomas, and wants to do whatever Thomas is doing.

He knows all the super heroes by name, but Hulk is his favorite and likes to "Hulk Smash" things, which is not my favorite (why do my kids love Hulk so much?) but Batman is probably a close second.

He knows some letters, he knows "O,T,E, and sometimes R"

He knows most shapes, and knows blue and pink.

He's a talker, he talks a lot more than Thomas did this age. Some of his favorite phrases or words are:
" I don't like it" or "why?" we hear those the most. He says Thomas really cute but he can't say his own name yet.

The last little bit, he's been really good at throwing fits, and we are working on that, I think we might be going somewhere though.

He is a strong-willed kid, and I haven't figured a good punishment for him. With Thomas I would just have to give him the eye and he would crumble, while Oliver could care less and does what he wants to even when he knows he's doing something bad. Time out- he just thinks it's funny, taking toys away-whatever it was worth it.  I need to figure this one out before he's a teenager or I'm going to have problems.

He's a clinger, he's always on me, he follows me everywhere, he doesn't like when I leave the room, so I'm interested to see what's going to happen when the baby comes. He's a momma's boy, but after this summer and seeing Dustin more he has started to warm up with him more.

He loves going outside.

He loves popsicles.

He loves Mac-n-cheese.

He loves all kinds of fruit.

He loves to wrestle.

Even though he is clingy he is very independent and likes to do everything himself if he can.

He hates clothes so he's usually just in a diaper. I pick my battles.

Frozen is his favorite movie, I'm starting to get sick of the movie actually. 

He's pretty funny, and makes me laugh all the time.

He loves singing: "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes", "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam", and "Nephi's Courage"

He's a great member of our family, we love having him around.

We love you Oliver!

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Nancy said...

What a cutie and he sounds like a hand-full but fun at the same time. I love this age, they are so fun!