Sunday, August 10, 2014

Snap Shots of the Past week

 1. I know this picture is blurry, but I loved watching my boys eating snacks and talking and laughing (except they aren't in the picture ha ha) but I wanted to remember the moment.

2.If you follow me on Face book or instagram you already seen these awesome pictures I got at Hobby Lobby for a good deal but right after I post it in Black and White  Dustin said it wasn't as cool and needed to be in color, but I didn't want to post another picture again, so I'm doing it on my blog instead. I've had a blast decorating the boys' room super hero theme, that I told Dustin that I don't think any girl theme would be as fun if we one day have a girl, but I'm sure if I did have one in the future my opinions would change but till now I'm loving the super hero theme. 
3. On Friday night, Dustin was at a camp out with the young men so we had a party and watched a movie on our bed, the boys loved it, and so did I.
4. And my first pregnant picture for baby #3. I'm 17 weeks, and have put 16ish pounds, I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow so I'm kinda estimating on the weight, but last appointment I had gained 14 already, I usually gain how many weeks I am until week 25-30 I start slowing down.
Anyway, that's been our week!

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