Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Six Flags

Today we had a great time going to Six Flags. This week if you have a seasonal pass you can bring a buddy, so Dustin's parents brought us to Six Flags for free and it was great. The lines were pretty short and there weren't too many people because most people don't want to be in the heat but it wasn't too bad today. 
I was a little bummed about not being able to go on rides because I'm such a roller-coaster junkie, darn pregnancy. Poor Dustin got a little lecture from me on how it's unfair that we both decide to have a baby but yet, I'm the one sitting out on the fun, and women always have it the worst; poor guy, I blame the hormones and it was before we ate lunch so I was kind of hungry.
But after some food, I was in a better mood and had fun going on rides with my kids. Thomas' favorite was obviously the batman airplane ride, we went on that one the most. Oliver's was the train that goes around the park. Overall it was a good day and both kids feel asleep on the way home.
After today I'm glad that Dustin and I didn't go to Orlando to see the new extension of Harry Potter world this year like we planed, because I would have been mad about having to sit out on everything there, so the plan is to go next year but we will see.
I am grateful that we are pregnant again, but I can't wait to be able to go on roller-coasters again.

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