Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Festivities

This last few days we have had some fun Halloween festivities. On Friday we went to the Frisco Safety Town Festival. And it was super busy! Long lines, and many people. The kids had fun looking at all the costumes and riding the bus on the way there. But we didn't get to see my brother and his family till later because the lines were so long, it was fun, but if we go next time, we will try to be the first ones there. Lesson learned.
Then Saturday we went to Dustin's Aunt and uncle's ward chili cook off, and watch the candy bomber give out candy. The boys didn't get any candy, but they thought it was cool anyway.
Then for FHE last night we painted pumpkins. We usually carve them, but I was too tired to clean up that mess and it takes a lot longer and it was already running late so this was option B and the kids had a lot of fun. 

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