Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Costumes

I always try and get some cute pictures of my kids' costumes every year, and it seems like every year it gets harder and trickier. Oliver is nearly impossible to even hold still for one moment to get a picture, and Thomas is at that stage where he is more aware of the camera and it's hard for me to get a genuine smile from him and not a forced "cheese". So between these two problems I never really get the picture I had in my mind but I accept what I get. I will admit I do get frustrated a lot when I try to get that "perfect" picture, especially since I feel like my photography skills have dropped, or I haven't seen myself improve for a long time now. I blame the lack of time, and taking a picture of one kid is a lot easier than taking a picture with two, and soon I will put a third kid in there, so I'm just guessing my "perfect" picture quality will be even less next year!
One of the ways I get my kids to pose is by giving them candy as you can see here and here. So almost every picture they have candy in their mouth. And for some reason I thought Swedish fish would be better than a sucker because it won't be sticking out of their mouth, well ha ha, it just made them make funny faces as the gummy goodness got stuck in their teeth, so lesson learned, no gummy stuff.
But I can't complain my kids will do this for me once in a while when I want to tempt a photo shoot, maybe one day they will thank me, if not, maybe their wives will thank me for all this hard work!

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