Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The World from a Three-Year Old Eyes

If you have a smart phone and kids, you probably have a lot of pictures your kids have taken, and most of them are selfies, their foot, the pillow, the couch, and everything in between. And a lot of times I go through my pictures and delete a lot of them, I do keep most of their selfies, but everything else I delete, but once in while I run into a picture I like, and the other day I saw that Thomas captured some moments this last week, that it let me see a little of how he sees the world. That's why I love photography, I like to capture how I see the world, and it was fun to see a little glimpse of Thomas' perspective of his world.
Sadly, most of these aren't me with him, or looking at him, or interacting with him, but usually when I'm doing that he's not taking pictures, so these are more of Oliver and I, but I still thought they were cool to see.

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