Friday, October 3, 2014

The Circus

This past week we went to see the circus!
I was very excited since I have been wanting to see one for a while, and I kept missing them when they would come to town, but luckily this time I actually knew about it before it was too late.
Pretty sure I was more excited than my kids, but they also didn't know what a circus was.
That morning, they let us watch them put up the tent and talked a little bit about behind the scenes and let us come close to some of the animals, they had two tigers, a lion, and horses. Thomas wasn't so sure about being that close to the animals. While taking the tour I couldn't help thinking about the book "Water for Elephants" and wonder how true that book was to the circus life.
After the tour we played at a park near by and went home.
What was nice was the circus was walking distance from Dustin's classroom, so later that day I picked up some Pizza, we got Dustin and headed straight to the circus. It was a little toasty in there but it was fun. It was fun to see the kids' reaction to everything. I was really impressed by all the shows, there are some crazy talented people out there. And the clown was awesome, he was Thomas' favorite.
After the show Dustin and I said we enjoyed it a lot and it was lot more than we expected since it was a smaller circus in a small town but it was so fun! I wished I had taken more pictures but I was so entertained I totally forgot!  I hope we can go again.

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