Friday, March 6, 2015

Blessing Peter

This past Sunday we were able to bless Peter. It was a beautiful day and Dustin gave him a wonderful blessing. My parents were able to fly in from Idaho, but Dustin's dad was not able to make it because his flight was cancelled because of the weather; who knew in March Texas would be covered in snow? But since we blessed Peter at my in-laws instead of church we were able to Scype with Dustin's dad so he could hear the blessing. We had many family there to support Peter. We are greatly blessed. 

Some amazing things that were mentioned in Peter's blessing was that he was named after his ancestors, (my mom's grandfather was Peter William, and I guess Dustin's side has that name as well) and that he is loved by his family here on earth and the ones who came before and that he will be part of the work of redeeming the dead. And that he would be an example to his younger siblings. I didn't realize the plural until my sister in law mentioned it afterwards. Dustin and I have been leaning on having four kids, but recently I was thinking how sad it was that we were having one more baby after this, so I was excited about that, so I guess this means we have at least two more children!!!

I'm so grateful for this Gospel, I'm grateful for my husband and my three boys. I'm one lucky girl!
Each time Dustin has blessed our boys he has mentioned a quality of the boys  that will bless my life, Thomas is my helper, Oliver shows me love, and Peter brings me comfort. 

I like to call them my gifts from my Heavenly Father.

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