Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Peter @ 2 Months

This past Sunday Peter turned 2 months!
I really like 2 months, I love how they are still little to sleep anywhere, but they are old enough to interact with smiles and coos.
Peter loves to smile and talk.
He loves to be held and to cuddle.
The last few nights he will do a five hour gap before a feeding, then a three hour one. But we will see if that lasts, so far my kids start eating less during the night at 2 months, then at 4 months they start eating every 2 hours again for another few months.
He was my biggest baby when he was born, but he has gained weight slower than my other boys so he seems smaller longer. At his appointment he was over 11 pounds, while Oliver at the same age was 13 pounds, so I'm curious how he is going to grow.
Everyone says he looks exactly like Oliver but I see a lot of Thomas too, but recently I have leaned towards him looking like Oliver, but I think he's a good mixture.
He is a very easy baby, he will go with the flow, he just needs to be held and loved here and there and he is good.
We are so lucky to have him in our little family.

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