Sunday, June 12, 2011

One full, fun, & blessed week!

This last week we have had a lot of blessings and fun. 
When we moved to Pennsylvania 5 months ago we only brought what we could fit in our car, so when we moved here in Florida we didn't have that much. So for the last few weeks we had a blow-up bed and a pack-n-play for thomas, and two stools and that was our furniture. We were planning on getting our furniture from different places but we needed to save some money first. Than a week ago someone called and told us there was a couple that was getting rid of tons of stuff for free, so Monday we went to check it out and by the end of that night we had, a bed, office desk, recliner, microwave, vacuum, and much more for free! We couldn't believe it! Than Tuesday I got a new rocking chair from my mother-in-law. Also on Tuesday, the mail man kept coming with boxes and I didn't know what they were and when I opened them up there was some kitchen knives and bunch of kitchen stuff! I started crying, because I couldn't believe how blessed we were, but I had no idea who sent all this stuff than I get a text from my sister Nicole that said: "Did you get my packages?" I couldn't believe it, in the matter of days our apartment was all set up! The Lord blesses us through other people!
Also this week we got to do a lot of fun things. There was a family that Dustin knew growing up that were here for vacation, so they let us swim a couple times at their resort, so that was a lot fun, Thomas loved it! Also this week we got my season pass to the Seaworld parks so Thomas and I went three times this past week and every time I forgot our camera, so no pictures, but we are five minute walk so we will be going a lot so we will get pictures in the future.  Than Saturday we went to Disney World for the Star Wars weekend. It was a lot of fun, we got to see many Star Wars characters but we just took pictures with Darth Maul because he's my favorite bad guy and we came right as he came so there wasn't a huge line. The guy was awesome, and Thomas thought he was funny. We also got to ride the Rock and Roll roller-coaster  which is one of my favorites! 
Even though this move has been somewhat hard on me, I really can't complain because I have a lot of fun here. I mean I get to go to theme and water parks all the time and I do. Everyday we go and do something, and next week we are going to Aquatica water park which I hear is awesome. Also we have a lot of fun couples here, so I'm glad that we are here even though there is a cockroach here and there, and we have no money it's been a fun adventure. 
I thought this guy was awesome, made me what to watch the movies again.

Thomas & I in Hollywood Studios.

I had to put these last two pictures because he is sooo cute, and to show how messy he can get.

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