Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TaTter-TeLL TuESdAy!

Dustin: For those who know Dustin really well would already know this, but Dustin's favorite book(s) are the Chronicles of Narnia, I don't know how many times he has read or listen the Audio books, but it's been a lot. And anytime he speaks in church during sacrament or something, he will mention something about them and how they relate to the topic he is speaking about. And I know at least three, wait no, four paintings he did for school that was Chronicles of Narnia. He doesn't care for the movies, but he loves the books. He has told me a lot about them, so this last week I started to read one, I'm not very far because it's been a little busy but so far it's been good.

Jessica: So last week I discovered pinterest, and I'm addicted to it. For those who don't know what it is... well I'm not sure exactly everything about it, but you have to be invited before you can start your own, but basically it is a place where you can "pin" pictures & ideas from the web and catalog it. I love it because so many times I look online and I see something cute or inspiring, or a good recipe that I want to keep for future reference, so I would bookmark all the websites... which can be messy, so with pinterest, you just click on the image save under a title like: "Recipes I want to try" or "Crafts I want to do." and it's all saved right there with the image, and you just need to click on it to get to the website. Also in pinterest you get to see other people's pins and you can repin it for you to keep. Also, like google you can research something and images  come up from other people's "pins" which is nice as well because sometimes when you google there are a lot of random pictures, while in pinterest it's more precise. You can also follow people and see what they are pinning, so you end up sharing a lot of great ideas & images together. The problem is  it can get addicting & it makes you want to work on crafts and your home because there are so many cute things out there. Well, that turned out to be more about pinterest than me, o well...

Thomas: Did you know that Thomas loves when we read books to him. Sometimes he laughs because of my silly voices and expressions, but he loves looking at the pictures and cuddling as well.

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Nancy said...

ooo...I'll have to check out this pintrest thing. Sounds cool