Friday, July 29, 2011

Catching up, with pictures... with A LOT of Pictures.

Do you ever feel like you are constantly busy and running around but at the same time feel like you haven't accomplish anything? Well I have been feeling like that the last couple of weeks, I have been running around but yet I haven't gotten anything done, maybe it's this whole mommy thing. It also could be that I was working on an art job that I was doing for someone {it's always nice getting paid to paint!} in my ward, so a lot of my nights and free time was doing that so a lot of things were neglected such as: cleaning the apartment, and some dinners were sacrificed {sorry Dustin}, other art projects, and of course blogging ! :) So sorry if you have commented on my blog and I haven't commented back, so I'm saying now thanks for the comments  & I always love them. 
So here are some pictures of the last few weeks, and of course they are of Thomas! But can you blame me? He's too cute not to!

Here's Thomas looking in the mirror, which he loves!
I realize I rarely have pictures of me, so here's me and Thomas after a bath. And check out my sweet BLUE camera.
Thomas is getting so close to crawling these days!
My little cutie!!!

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Clarissa said...

He is VERY cute Jess!!!!