Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TaTter-TeLL TuESdAy!

Dustin: Did you know that Dustin's favorite band is Weezer, he can listen to them all day, and anytime they have a new CD he will buy it even before he has even heard the music. Last year I remember he mentioned Weezer had a new CD and that we should get it, and I asked him if he had heard the music from it, he's reply was: "No, but it's Weezer they won't let me down, there isn't a CD I haven't liked" so you guess it, we got that CD that day. He really likes the lead singer, Rivers, that Thomas was almost named after him. Ha ha
Jessica: Most of you guys probably already know that I do like a shopping but I don't like to take all day like some girls. When I shop I like to go in and out of a store fast. I look, if I see something I like I get it and go. And after and hour or so {if it's in a mall or something}  I'm done for the day, more like for a month or more. I don't really like going in and taking my time and seeing and touching everything. Also I HATE trying on clothes, that I rarely do, I only do it if it's something I'm really not sure how it will fit, but other than that I just pick the item and go.
Thomas: Did you know all of Thomas' toes are all the same length {except the little one, that one is a little shorter than the rest.}They are also very long and skinny like his dad's.

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