Friday, July 22, 2011

What We Have Been Up To.

I thought I would post about what is going on with our lives since I haven't for a while, mainly I just post pictures of Thomas, because let's face it, it's more fun & he's too cute not to post pictures! {Yes, I'm a very proud mom!}
Well we are doing good, I'm getting used to Florida and liking it a lot more, maybe it's because I FINALLY got somewhat comfortable driving our car, it's a stick and I never learned how to drive till now, because I have avoided like the plague because let's just say when Dustin would teach me it wasn't our fondest moments, a lot of crying my part, and frustration..., and I wasn't the nicest person to him... oops my bad... But being stuck here with places I wanted to see and do without having to have Dustin drive me, one day I just drove around the parking lot till I got comfortable and than I went on the road and did pretty good. I think I do better when Dustin isn't in the car, because I don't rely on him for help, and I don't worry about what he's thinking when I make a mistake. So now I have been able to get out of the house more!
We've also made some good friends here so that always helps. I've also just been commissioned to paint some parasols (sp) for someone in our ward so I'm making some money as an artist! So if I just keep that up I could make decent money.
This  week we took Thomas to his first movie in the theaters! We went to Harry Potter this passed Tuesday, it was a last minute thing, it was Dustin's day off and we didn't have time to get a babysitter and it was during the day that we figured it wouldn't be crowded. The movie was awesome, probably the best one out of all eight movies, and Thomas did really well, he cried few times because it was loud but he slept through most of it. So that was fun.
Thomas is doing good, he LOVES Sea World so it's a good thing we go almost everyday. He loves the animals he especially loves some of their aquariums. It's so cute he's screams out of excitement. He isn't crawling, but he's getting somewhat close, the only thing is he hates being on his stomach so it's hard to get him to practice, so I think he will be a late crawler. He loves attention so it's hard to get anything done when he's awake, but we have a lot fun. It's so fun to see his little personality develop. So here's a little catch up and I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Tiffany said...

Thomas is adorable! It's Ashley, and i have been on your blog a lot!!