Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our Future Missionary

When I found out I was having a boy, one of my first thoughts was: missionary, that I was going to have to send my little boy on a mission. Missionary work has a soft spot in my heart because my dad was a mission president for three years when I was a kid so I had the opportunity to be around missionaries for three years. I got to see the incredible things that happen on a mission, but also some of the hard, not so great things. I also know the importance of a mission & that I need to start now teaching my son about the importance of serving a mission, living the gospel & to follow the Lord's commandments


Nancy said...

Those pictures are soooo cute! What a cute post!

Rooneys said...

so cute! its so true I totally thought when I was having a boy..priesthood responsibilities, mission,etc.. Its so exciting! your family its just too cute!

Sara and Brad Forbush said...

Oh my heavens SOOO cute! You need to come back and teach me how to do all of these cute things!!