Friday, September 16, 2011


Since we go to SeaWorld almost everyday, I thought we probably should do a post about it. I don't have many pictures of SeaWorld because I usually go with just Thomas, and many of the exhibits don't allow strollers so I'm carry Thomas and it's kind of hard to take pictures one handed.
Last time we went to SeaWorld we got to touch a penguin and got to go inside where they have all the penguins! Which was very cold but very cool. Thomas really liked the penguin, he thought he was funny.  So you wonder how we got this great opportunity without paying the extra bucks? Well, I guess everyday at 2 they have a worker talk about the penguins and you can ask them questions, than after they talk they ask the audience a question and the first person to answer it correctly gets a prize, well, since we go almost everyday, I have become somewhat knowledgeable about a lot of the animals and got the question right. So I'm hoping they do that with the other animals too, my goal is to try and get all the behind the scene tours for free. We've been loving having SeaWorld so close.

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