Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TaTter-TeLL TuESdAy!

Dustin: Right now Dustin is growing out his mustache, and it looks terrible as always when he does. It looks bad because it's blonde hair so it just looks like dirt on his face. The only reason I'm letting him grow it out because it's for his halloween costume, so I just have to bear with it till halloween.
Jessica: So today I went to SeaWorld (surprise surprise) and Dustin's boss did a carciacture ( I can't ever spell that word) of Thomas and I, and while he was drawing me, he was trying to convince me to work for them, but I kept saying how I don' t like to work with customers and retail. Than he told me I could  do the letter-animal art stuff (it's when you draw animals in shape of letters to spell out a name) where I don't deal with customers as much. Than I told him if I worked it would only be one day a week thing, that I would only work on Dustin's day off or something, but I wouldn't want to work  a lot because I want to be home with Thomas. Anyway, so after some thought and talking, I might just work there when they need an extra help here and there. It's not anything final, but Dustin's boss was interested and I wouldn't mind making some extra bucks, AND if I work for SeaWorld, than I could go to Universal Studios and other parks for free because I would be an employee, so more Harry Potter World for me! DONE! So we will see what happens.
Thomas: So I had Thomas standing on my lap today, and next thing I know, he puts one arm around my shoulders, than with his other hand grabs my face to move it towards him, than he planted a big wet kiss on me. It happened so fast, and it was so funny and cute and the same time, I don't know where he learned that from but it was pretty hilarious.

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