Monday, September 26, 2011

What are the Clark's up to?

Just some pictures of Thomas this last week, I need to get better and taking pictures again, it's just been hard because he's always on the move!

Nothing too exciting has been happening to the Clark family. This last week we did go to Aquatica water park (sorry no pictures, didn't want to get the camera wet) and this time the life jacket fit Thomas better so he didn't cry when we put it on, so we were able to take him to a lot more pools and slides this time. He loved the lazy river and the wave pool. Also now that it is the slower season Dustin and I got ride on more slides and not having to wait in line. We were there for a few hours and Dustin got burned, poor guy.
Also that night Dustin was lucky enough to Universal Studios for their haunted nights, I was very jealous, but our friend Adam only had two tickets, and his wife Brie didn't want to go so Dustin was the lucky one. He said it was pretty scary and they didn't even go to the scariest part. He had a lot of fun, so thank you Adam and Brie for letting him go.
Right now I'm working on Halloween costume preparations (so excited!!!)and getting things ready for Dustin's birthday, and Thomas'. Also I've been commissioned to do a Harry Potter piece for our friends and it's been a lot of fun, I will post it when I'm done. They are also having me do a big surprise thing for their Halloween party I'm excited about! It's really making me remember all the stuff I learned in my creative perspective class in college, to give you an idea how big the project is, the canvas I'm working in on his 14 feet long and 12 feet tall. Here is a picture of the canvas and after the halloween party is over I will post the final product to you, because right now it's a surprise!

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