Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thomas Turns Ten Months!!!

Thomas turned ten months this week! I took more pictures than this put he wouldn't hold still, he kept crawling towards me and trying to grab the camera and everything else. He used to be such a good model when I took pictures, he used to pose and hold still, I guess those days are over!
Thomas is still doing his army crawling but he's getting better at his walking with mommy or daddy. 
He is in that stage where he puts everything in his mouth and chewing on things, I have seen him chew on shoes, phone chargers, and many more. 
He's also in the falling and getting hurt stage because he's on the move all the time. Also he loves opening cabinets and anything that he can get his hands on, so I can't leave him alone by himself very long.  Just today I left him for a second and the next thing I know he had my phone and text message a lot of people so I had to text them explaining the weird text they just got. ha ha
He's a lot of fun, Dustin & I enjoy him so much, we can't imagine life without him, he brings so much joy in our lives! We love him so much.

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