Friday, June 1, 2012

Dallas Trip

As I have mentioned before I'm back from visiting my brother and his family in Texas. Also I got to meet up with my parents there, so it was even more fun. There was a lot of talking, hanging out, and eating good food. It was sad to say goodbye but I also missed Dustin so I'm glad we are home again. 

One of my favorite things that we did was go to the Dallas Arboretum and they were featuring Chihuly's sculptures for the next few months. I was excited to see his work since I studied him a little in college, and WOW his work was AMAZING! My pictures don't give it justice, and I'm only showing maybe half his work on this blog, they were everywhere and they work so well around it's surroundings that the sculptures felt like they were part of nature, it was incredible, and most of them were huge. 

My parents with the grandkids.

This boat one was my favorite out of all of them, hence all the pictures. 

Thomas happy to find a puddle to jump in. 

Also in the Arboretum, they had these little houses that represent artists, this one is Seurat:

Van Gogh's:

And Monet's, which was my favorite, they also had Picasso's and O'Keeffe's. 

Also they had a Western section:

Than for Memorial Day we went to the lake to swim and have hamburgers and hotdogs. I didn't bring my swimming suit so I didn't get in the water, which I was ok with since I'm a pansy when the water is even slightly cold. So my brother Michael was a good sport and took Thomas out on the boat with his cousin Leah, I think he liked it, even when his face doesn't show it.

I had a lot of fun and I was glad to see my family since I haven't seen brother since I was 7 weeks pregnant with Thomas and I haven't seen Trixie, my sis-in-law since I was engaged, so it was a must needed trip.


West Family said...

We are pros at hanging out and talking. :) Thanks for coming it was so nice to see you!

Sara and Brad Forbush said...

Oh my gosh what a cool art place!!! I want to go there! It is so pretty too! Looks like blast! Im glad you had fun :)