Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It's been a week since our trips and I feel like Thomas and I are still recovering. We both have been not feeling so great. Poor Thomas has had a fever, and a nasty cough, poor kid. So we have been hanging out in our apartment watching movies. Thomas' favorite movie that we have been watching a lot of, is Penelope. We also been watching a lot of musicals because Thomas is a big fan of music.  It's been fun taking it easy, but I am ready to get our energy back, and we will need it soon, because Dustin's sister, Emily, and her husband, Scott, are coming to town this Sunday; so that means theme parks, beach, and the Keys.
So maybe we will stick to hanging out our apartment a few more days, so he have a lot of energy for next week.

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Clarissa said...

Sound like you guys are having lots of fun traveling, Your pictures are so fun to look at! Hope Thomas was good for you it is always hard when you get off the normal schedule.