Monday, June 18, 2012

Emily and Scott Visit!

This last week Dustin's sister, Emily, and her husband, Scott came to visit. They came last year as well, that they had such a fun time that they had to come down again!

So of course we had to hit some major theme parks right???
So this last Wednesday we headed to Universal's Island's Adventure:

The Tower at the entrance:

Waiting in long lines, Thomas was a trouper, he waited at all the lines but didn't get to ride one single roller-coaster{ in a few more years little man}. At Universal they have this thing where they have child swap so you can all wait in line at the same time, than right before you get on the ride part of the party goes in a room with the child and waits till the other people go on the ride, than you switch, I love this feature because you only have to wait in line all together once, instead waiting in line twice separate times, makes it go by a lot quicker.

Love Thomas' long, wavy. blonde hair? 

The first place we hit of course, was Harry Potter World and drank a lot of Butterbeer. Dustin and I have found a good spot to get it. If you go through Hogshead instead of outside barrels, the line is WAY quicker and it's a fresher batch of Butterbeer (which makes a huge difference) so heads up if you ever go. 

Every Flavor Bott's Beans at Honeydukes:

After riding all the Marvel roller-coasters like the Incredible Hulk we were all in the mood to watch Avengers in the theaters that night, so that's what we did! I liked the movie a lot, but it wasn't the best movie ever made like every one on Facebook said. 

Than Thursday we headed to SeaWorld, and Scott and Emily were kind enough to take some pictures of us while we were there, we just got a few because Dustin had to go to work right after we got there. 

Than this last weekend I was planning on going down to the Keys with Scott and Emily, but Thomas had just had it with traveling and not having a normal schedule this last month that recently he's been more grumpy and waking up at nights, and both of us have this nasty cold that has worn us out that we decided to stay here, which I was very bummed about, but it turned out to be a good thing because this last weekend I also think I caught a 24-hour bug, so we would have just been miserable down there, so it was a good thing we didn't go. Maybe next time!

So we have been just chilling here this weekend and Emily and Scott are coming back today from the Keys and leaving tomorrow so we will miss them but we've had so much fun having them here. 
Being away from both of our families we LOVE having visitors!
So any visitors are always welcomed! 

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