Saturday, June 23, 2012


I feel like the last little bit  I haven't anything to blog about. Since we have been traveling so much I guess I just forgotten how to blog a normal day, and it doesn't help that nothing exciting has happened to the Clark family. 

Dustin is in the process of looking and applying for jobs, so he's been pretty busy doing that, and next week I start  private art lessons for a 11 year-old girl which I'm very excited about! I will be getting $25 a lesson! So now if I could get a few more students, I could make some money. I was nervous to tell them that price but Dustin said that's how much it should be and they can always tell me that's too much, so I told them that price and they said it was perfect! 

The other day I realized I needed to recharge with my art, I feel like I'm in a rut , and that I have been in this rut for couple of years now. So I decided to do some art exercises to help me recharge a little and do something fun. So I realize I take tooooooooo long in my painting. Drawing, I can do super fast and comes more natural to me, while painting has always been where I feel like I get stuck, and I really think my painting skills is what's making me not be the level I need to be as a professional artist. So late last night (because I couldn't fall asleep) I decided to just paint, and I made some rules for myself to push me. 1. I couldn't "draw" before I painted, I had to just start painting, and start very basic and just look at shapes, and than I could go more into detail later if I had time. 2. And that I had to do it for 20 minutes.
My focus was to do it more painterly, which means brush strokes, and looser which is something that doesn't come natural to me because I want to focus on detail too much which sometimes isn't the best thing, sometimes less is more. Also I made myself only have 20 minutes so it did force me to paint FASTER, which is something I need to work on.  

So this was my first painting, I did it 20 minutes, and I liked it for the most part, hate the hand, but my 20 minutes were up. 

This one,again, 20 minutes, I was focusing on shadows, and using sharp and soft edges to communicate form. (Sorry if this is art lingo) Also I'm excited for the next Batman movie to come out.

Than this one, I like the least, I got caught up in drawing and details too early that I made things worse, and Harry looks bad. This one was done 20 minutes as well.
And this is just a drawing because I was taking a break from painting. 
Anyway, not the most exciting post, but O well. Just letting you know I'm alive (more for my mom) and hopefully Thomas and I will finally get over our colds so we can be more exciting!


Brianna said...

I know what you mean about "blogging a normal day." Sometimes I want to update my blog but don't have anything exciting to write about. Hi world- today I got up and showered and watched some kids and cooked and cleaned and went to bed! Ha ha! But I loved your post. Your paintings and drawings are amazing. I need to show Paul the batman one. He will especially love that one. He's pretty pumped to see to movie. Keep us updated on the job hunt!

Mike said...


Tiffany and I really like your art and we think you should keep posting it on your blog. Batman and the Smoking Dude were way cool.


The Clarks said...

great paintings! you are so talented!

Scott and Clarissa said...

I love your art! I can't wait to get those prints from you for our nursery, but we are still getting on our feet right now. Scott will love the Batman painting. I see in you that desire to improve upon your degree and make something of what you love to do. I've been thinking about how I can do that without being able to teach yet. Dustin is right about how much to charge for tutoring. My Mom told me to charge $30 an hour. As shocking as that sounds, I think people are willing to pay that much. Charging more seems to actually make people respect your abilities, you know?