Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update on Thomas

I know I have used this picture already, but sadly to say I haven't taken any pictures since Dallas, so I decided to use Thomas' 18 months pictures.

Last week we had Thomas' 18 month check up (technically he's 19 months but we had been gone all month) and he grew a lot, height wise, since his last visit. He is now 35", they say Thomas is going be around 6 feet! I thought they were joking because dustin and I are on the short side so I was thinking our kids had no change being over 5'7". The general rule, but not always, a kid reaches half their height at 2 years, and if Thomas just only grows an inch in the next 5 months, he will be 3 feet, which means half of 6 feet! So we actually will have a tall kid.
So Thomas is tall, but still skinny, skinny. He only weighs a little over 22 lbs, I'm always worried what the doctor will say, but he keeps gaining weight so they think he's fine. He not really a big eater, and he never wants to stop to eat, he's always on the move.

Also this last week Thomas got his first kiss, O boy, I am in trouble. We went to a birthday party this week and he had two older girls holding each hand walking around and he had the biggest smile in his face, he really is a big flirt; he also sat by them for pictures and eating cake, like he picked that spot I didn't influence him.  Than with a different little girl they gave each other a kiss right on the lips, it was pretty cute I must say, wished I had the camera.

It looks like we are going to have a tall ladies' man in our hands.


Scott and Clarissa said...

Thomas' first kiss makes me think of those cute black and white vintage photos of little girls and boys.

Anonymous said...

He is unbelievably cute!