Friday, July 27, 2012

A Little Over a Year, and a Little Less Than a Month

We've moved here last May and now we are moving next month!

 Florida has been WAY fun and great experience for us but it's time to move on. Some people in our ward are surprised that we were moving but we told them we were only planning on a year, but I think they thought we would just end up here anyway. We loved Florida but I don't think I could live here the rest of my life. Also Dustin doesn't want to work for SeaWorld for the rest of his life either. 

So here are some things we will be missing when we leave:

Being able to go to any park for free
Having SeaWorld so close
Harry Potter World (that one is mostly me)
Nice weather
Always having a nice tan
Never needing lotion because it's so humid here 
Having two outlet malls so close by
Our friends
Having nice discounted movie tickets from Dustin's work
Cheap plane tickets (its so cheap to fly out of florida)
Having really good restaurants near by (not that we went to them that much, just like birthdays, and anniversary) 
Our ward
RollerCoasters, I will miss those for sure, I used to go weekly on a rollercoaster, but now I'm pregnant this is the longest I've gone without a ride, so it's probably a good time to move. 
Going swimming, and the water is a perfect temperature, just enough to cool you down. 

Some things we won't miss:

Smokers, there are a lot here
having summer year round (that's me, Dustin loves summer year round)
I'm not going to miss our apartment complex (goodbye scary neighbors)
Tourists (we live so close to all the parks, everywhere I go there are tourists, Walmart is the worst)
Being so humid, that my hair doesn't stay nice, it's just flat, somewhat straight, and my make up melting off my face right as I walk out of the door, that most days I don't even bother anymore, it's my "more natural look" I guess. 
That you walk out just for a second and you sweat like you just ran a marathon 
Getting in the car and it's so hot you can't breathe in there

Some of my favorites in Orlando:

Universal is probably my favorite park, but SeaWorld is a close 2nd.

Favorite rides:

 Forbidden Journey (Harry Potter World)
Flying in Quiditch, having a Dragon come out at you,
Whimping Willow about to hit you, Dementors chasing you. AWESOME!

Jurassic Park Ride(Universal)
The best part of the ride is the end, when it's all dark and you hear the BOOM BOOM, knowing the T Rex is coming, that it's right there (life size) and it comes down to eat you, and than you go down this major drop and get soaked. 

Rock-N-RollerCoaster with Aerosmith music: (Disney, Hollywood studios) 
Awesome, it's inside so it is neon light, best part is the beginning. You go 0-60mph in less than a second, yeah my eyes watered, and pretty sure some drool came out. 

Rock-N-RollerCoaster in Universal:
You get to choose your song, before you go on the ride, and there is a huge drop, the best song that I had playing was "I will survive" 

Manta and The Kraken in SeaWorld were also way fun rollercoasters.

Favorite food:

BUTTERBEER! Enough said.

We never went out but when we did every restaurant was aMAZinG!
4Rivers- Best BBQ
This Indian place down the street from us, best curry I ever had!
KOBE's Japanese Steakhouse, we went for my b-day and I haven't stopped talking about it since. 

Favorites in SeaWorld:
I love Seaworld so it's going to be hard to say goodbye.
They have way good lemon-aid, sometimes I would just meet up with Dustin for lunch, just so I could have some of their lemon-aid. 

Love the Dolphin and Whale show

My favorite animals were the penguins, I was really bummed when they closed the exhibit because they are fixing it up and it won't be open till next year. 
But I most admit I know a lot about the penguins, that when we watched Mr. Popper's Penguins I named which penguins they were before the movie said it, yeah I'm awesome. I also got to touch a penguin because I answered a question right. 

I will miss Thomas' excitement every time we go to SeaWorld. 

So we will miss you Florida, we moved here with no place to live, no internet or maps to find our way, no furniture, no kitchen stuff, just clothes and us. We lived only on tips the first 2 weeks, we understood the true meaning of "starving artists", but hey, it was fun and quite the adventure,  but we are excited for our next adventure!!!

To our next adventure!

Any guesses where we moving to? Most people that read my blog probably know, but hey some might not, I didn't know a month ago so hey, any guesses?


Jamie Blake said...

I am trying to think back to your previous blog posts, but I have no idea. Where you headed???

Nancy said...

I'm thinking you said Texas but not 100%. I think it's cool that you got to experience all you did while in Florida. Good luck on your next adventure!