Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And They Say Artists Can't Do Math

It's always a joke how artists can't do math, well I personally think Dustin and I are pretty good at addition. 
Before our first anniversary we added another number to our family, and now we are adding again and becoming a family of 4 on January 25!

The painting is not quite done, but I never can get to it to finish. 

We are very excited! Before I was pregnant we thought the next one would be a boy, and we thought that would be fun so Thomas can have a little buddy, but now that I'm pregnant we are leaning more that maybe it's a girl because this pregnancy is already WAY different. I didn't get sick right away like with Thomas, that I didn't think I was pregnant for a while, it's probably a good thing I didn't get sick right away because I was pregnant during all of my traveling so it was a blessing, when I was in Dallas that's when it started to hit me a little more, and the week the Dustin's sister visit and the Family reunion were probably my worst weeks, but other than that it's been a pretty easy pregnancy that I kept forgetting that I was pregnant. Also I got heartburn staring 6 weeks while Thomas it wasn't until the last 2 months, and this pregnancy I'm graving fruits, sour candy, chocolate (totally a girl thing) while I was pregnant with Thomas I would skip all of that and wanted a big thing of mashed potatoes and gravy with roast beef, and real food tasted better than a dessert. Also I have been WAY more emotional and moody (poor Dustin) during this pregnancy. Also last time I was pregnant we could think of all the boy names but no girl names, and this round we can't think of any boy names but just have girl names.
But we will see what we have, we are happy either way, having a boy would be fun for Thomas, having a girl will be fun because we want both genders in the family, so it will be interesting when we find out.
 Also I'm carrying this baby different as well, I started popping out at 6 weeks ( I show early), and this week I'm surprised people haven't started asking yet, I guess maybe this time the baby is up higher while Thomas was so low, so I just looked "thicker" versus "pregnant" but this week EVERYTHING seems to be getting bigger. Which is the reason I'm announcing it, because I've actually liked not having people know, it sounds bad, but it was nice not having that be the only thing people will talk to me about and since people wouldn't ask how far I was all the time, this pregnancy is already gone by pretty fast for me, even thought it's only been almost 13 weeks.
Yesterday I went to the Dr and heard the heart beat! Best sound EVER! It took them a while to find it so I got really nervous since this was the first time going to the Dr this pregnancy but it was there and it was strong! I also was nervous for the weigh-in because I already feel like I gained quite a bit, and Dustin agrees that I do look pregnant vs last time when I said I looked pregnant and he didn't see until 16 weeks, and with Thomas at 12 weeks I had already gained 8 pounds so I was guessing 10 punds this round. Also already my pants are tight, and some dresses don't fit me when they fit less than a month ago. But I weighed a little less I thought I did before pre pregnancy, so I guess I weighed less than I thought, which was a good surprise, but now I don't know how much I have gained thus far. I'm guessing I've probably gained around 5, well that's the number I'm going with.

So this explains my lack of blogging, taking pictures, and everything else. So hopefully I will start picking up those things again since I'm on my 2nd trimester.


Rach said...

congrats to you and your family!!! so exciting!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I knew it!!! I was sort of fishing for that info when I asked you what was new!!!,

Clarissa said...

YAY!!! So happy for you Jess! Hope you don't get too sick with you cute little Thomas to take care of. Take advantage of ALL of the naps that you can.

Jessica W. Clark said...

Ha ha Jocelyn I knew you were fishing for it, but I honestly didn't know for sure, but I suspecting I might have been.

Scott and Clarissa said...

Congrats! The painting you did was absolutely adorable! Our babies won't be too far apart in age.