Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Little Update and Random Facts

It's been a while since I have brought the camera out that I decided I needed to start taking pictures like I used to. I felt a little out of practice since it's been a while, but I thought I got a few cute shots of Thomas. 
Here are pictures of Thomas lounging on our bed learning about the alphabet on the Ipad.

Some updates with Thomas:
He has always been a daddy's boy, but he has been more so lately. He only wants Dustin when Dustin's around, when he gets hurt he wants Dustin over me (if Dustin is home) when in the past he would want to come to me. I can't help but feel a little sad about it because I feel like maybe I'm a bad mom, but I do think part of it is because I say "No" to Thomas a lot more, and Dustin will deny this, but Dustin lets him get away with a lot more than I do. But I guess it's a good thing since baby #2 is on it's way so maybe Thomas will handle it better?!?

Mulan is his favorite movie at the moment. He's still a big flirt, we were at the water park the other day and he totally was smiling at one of the life guards and trying to show off, and she was cracking up about it. Than she switched shifts, than we saw her later in the day while we were on the lazy river and she was there and he gave her the biggest smile and waved, and she started laughing. O boy, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble. 

He's eating a lot more now, so hopefully he's putting some weight on. He used to like his new car seat, but after the long drive to Tennessee he gets mad when we put him in it. 

Some random facts I have thought about about our family:
(You don't have to read them it's more for me to remember) 

Dustin and I have been married about 2 1/2 years and we have lived in 3 different states and about to move to another end of next month. 
Every holiday/birthday since we have been married has been in different state, to just give you an idea:
My birthdays since marriage: Idaho, Pennsylvania, Florida
Dustin's birthdays: Idaho, Florida, and soon Texas
Thomas' Birthdays: Born in Idaho, Florida, soon Texas
Christmas: Utah, Wyoming, Florida, and probably Texas this year
Easter: Utah, Pennsylvania, Florida
4th of July: Idaho, Florida, Tennesse
Anniversary: we got married in Utah, Wyoming, Florida, and probably Texas this year

It's been fun moving a lot I just hope one day we will stay in one place for a while.

We have had 2 beds now but have never paid for one.

I am greatly outnumbered in this family in gender and hair color (but this might change soon or not)

We haven't owned a TV now for over a year now, and we really like it. (That's why we never know the TV shows everyone is talking about) We watch movies on our computer. 

We have never had a dishwasher, or a microwave, washer/dryer in any of our apartments. 

If our apartment ever has a fire it will be burned up fast by how much paper we have in our apartment, ever corner I swear we have paper with drawings coming out  (most of them are Dustin's). We have drawings, drawings upon drawings under our bed, in closets, under the coffee table, on and in our computer desk.... I drives me crazy because it's always growing and we throw a lot away. I can't wait till we have a studio, even than I don't know if it will solve the problem. 

We are both artist but yet we have no paint or canvases in our apartment, and we can't ever find a pencil to write with. 

One of the things Dustin and I disagree about the most is our art, pretty funny in a way, but we have a lot of different opinions how things should be done and our processes are way different. Also we get after each other if we do art for free for someone (not that we do it often) but we both have done it. And I will admit I have walked away from him more than once after a critique he's given me. 

And we have worked on one project together and that will probably be the last ( I think it's the only thing we don't do will together) I laugh about it now, but at the time it wasn't cool. ha ha

BUT, I do go to Dustin a lot when I need help deciding how much to charge people when I get a job, and he helps me charge for how much it's worth vs me always charging WAY too less. 

Anyway, Just some random facts.

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