Saturday, July 28, 2012

Texas... Here We Come!

Yes, we will be moving to Texas end of next month! (good job Nancy!)

Can I tell you how excited I am about this move???
There are many reasons why, but the first and most important is that we have 
close by. 

You have no idea!!! Holidays, weekends, Sunday meals, random get togethers with FAMILY! I didn't realize how much I've missed having family around till these last few months where we have been with family and it was so hard to say good bye. O I'm so excited! Can't you tell?

So Dustin's grandparents, who I love by the way, will be our next door neighbors!
Than I have a brother 30 minutes away, and an uncle around the same distance, I think. (I still don't know the Dallas area very well)
Also Dustin has 2 aunts close by. 

So I  expect to be invited to some Sunday meals (hint hint) and I promise we will have you over as well!

Also some other things I'm excited about:
We will be in a house!!!! YAY! No more 1 bedroom apartment that costs too much!
Dustin's parents just purchased this home this past year, and working on selling their house in Pennsylvania so we will be staying at their house and taking care of it!

So that means a dishwasher, washer and drawer. LUXURY!
I know sad, but it's true.

And I'm pretty sure I will be able to reach our microwave!
(the microwave in our apartment now is above our fridge because there is no room, so it's probably filthy in there because I can't see inside it) 

Also I hear it's a great ward, and we live in a nice area! 

I know it will still be hot there, but Dustin says there's a fall  and sometimes it snows once a year. I will take it!

I also know texas has cockroaches, but I've gotten somewhat used to them, which means I don't cry anymore when I see one, but I still can't kill one. 

So on to our 4th state in our 2 3/4 years of marriage. 

I must say most of the states we have lived in are pretty cool shapes:

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