Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Living the Dream

This last weekend I received a call from a company called Sommer's Sports and they asked if I would be interested in designing a shirt for them for a triathlon that was coming up, the gotcha was they were in a tight schedule and needed ASAP. 
Which is a high stress level job, because let's face it, art just takes a long time. I took the job anyway, because I figured they could be a client that would use me for future use, and if I did a good job, and literally save their skins, they would be willing to come to me again, and this would not only build clientele but also resume and portfolio booster.

So I send them ten sketches and ideas that very same day, and they liked them but they wanted something different, which puts more stress on me, because I have to come up with more ideas and less time to do the final product, but after some communication I had a better idea what they were looking for and I send them three more sketches and they LOVED one of them! SUCCESS!
Than it was rushing to get a finish product between being a mom, and making dinner, the apartment on the other hand just was a mess because it just wasn't happening. ( I can only do so much)
I send them the final an hour before the dead line, and they LOVED it, but they said they needed it in vector format! WHAT?????? I was sick in my stomach because to do that I would have to redo it all, I asked him if the format that I send them would work, they weren't sure since they have never used a PNG, but after asking around they found out it would still work. PHEW!!!!

Anyway, they were so pleased with my work they want to continue working with me, I have already done another shirt, and will be doing some concept work for them, (which something I want to do for some major animation company in the future, if it ever happens) so a great portfolio boost!

Anyway here is the design, it's not the quite how I wanted it, but for a tight schedule I'm proud of it, and over 700 people will be wearing it this Saturday!

Being an artist can be frustrating at times, I'm not going to lie, sometimes I was frustrated while I was working on this project but I also had a lot of fun, I'm lucking that my work is something I love, even though I usually wouldn't pick to draw runners, swimmers, or bicyclists it still was fun to just draw. So I'm hoping I can still continue with art, and I have been lucky because every month some how I have made money with my art, it hasn't been a lot, but it's a start, and if I continue to have clients hopefully it can be a better second income, but for now I'm just building up my skills and portfolio.


Sara and Brad Forbush said...

That is super awesome Jess! Congrats!

Nancy said...

That is SO cool Jessica! Good job!