Sunday, October 7, 2012

BIG 29!

To clear something up before people start freaking out and think they missed Dustin's birthday, his birthday isn't till Wednesday, the 10th, but since he has to work and he wanted to celebrate his birthday with friends and family so we did it on Sunday, so no one panic (mainly family) you didn't miss it and you can call him on Wednesday to wish him happy Birthday. 
Anyway, so Dustin turned 29!!!! (or is going to be 29) I'm so excited for next year when he turns the big 30, I'm going to make it big, with a lot of black balloons and everything else, but I need to be somewhat nice because he can do the same to me when I turn 30, but I'm still very excited! Muahhhaaahaaa
Back to today, we had a great time today and I tried to make him feel special. We watched conference and after the 2nd session we had the Pratt's come over for dinner and we had chili dogs, home-made mac n cheese, fruit and cake and ice cream!
I think chili dogs are gross, but Dustin loves them! He asks for that every year for his birthday, I should be grateful since it's the easiest meal possible to make, but I always apologize when we have people over because the meal isn't the best, but by everyone's reaction, I must be the only one who doesn't like chili dogs. 
Anyway, we had a good chat and eat till we were all full. The chocolate cake was really good but it wasn't the prettiest looking cake because the frosting was so soft and creamy (which tastes awesome) but not the best frosting to decorate a cake with because it is so soft and has it's own mind, it would be great with cupcakes though. 
Thomas thought the candles were awesome and thought they were for him and right away was trying to blow them out (not for another month buddy!) and was very excited about the whole deal. 
After cake we opened presents, I got Dustin an Iron Man action figure that he was very excited about, an awesome Norman Rockwell book, and the movie RocketMan. He loved all the presents, so that's good. 

Happy Birthday Dustin! 
We love you! You are great husband and father and your such a blessing in our lives!


Clarissa Dyer said...

Now that I'm getting older, I realize that thirty is not as old as I used to think it was. Is that what I'm going to say for the rest of my life when I pass each decade? lol. Happy Birthday Dustin!

Clarissa Dyer said...
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Clarissa Dyer said...
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