Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dustin's First Book

Look what we got in the mail!!!

Dustin's first book!
He had all the illustrations done for this book for a while but putting it together and printing it took some time, but we were very excited to get it in the mail early last week!

I thought it turned out great, and when we read it to Thomas he really liked it, so that was the true test!
Anyway, I'm really proud of Dustin for accomplishing this.

Also next month there is a caricature convention in San Antonio that Dustin really wanted to go to because he really had a great time and learned a lot and made some great connections last year in the one in Florida that he went to, and this year it's in Texas. I asked him if that was the reason we moved to Texas, because the last 2 times we have been conveniently close to where they are holding them, but he said no it's just worked out that way. Ha ha sure!

Anyway, he decided not to go because of asking almost a week off of work and also it's costs money to  go and stay a hotel would be another expense. I felt really bad because I know he really wanted to go, so I made a deal with him, if I some how came up with the money to pay for the convention he would go. Anyway to make a long story short, he decided to go only for 2 days,  and we found out that Dustin's grandparents have a really nice time share a mile away, and I got enough art/photography jobs the last 2 weeks to pay for the two days, I think I win the greatest wife of the year award!  Just kidding.

Anyway, I'm really excited because Thomas and I are coming down with him, while last year I didn't go. I will probably go to some of the convention, but not all of it because let's face it I'm far from being a caricature artist. But to stay at a nice resort, heck yeah, and also I've been wanting to go to the River Walk and see if I can go see the Alamo, which are some of the places I've wanted to see here in Texas. They do have a SeaWorld down there, that I would love to go (I have really missed SeaWorld in Orlando) but my pass doesn't work there. But I'm planning on doing a lot of sight seeing while Dustin can hang out with his caricature buddies.

Anyway so I'm super excited to do that in a couple weeks!