Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to the pumpkin patch as a family. We also met up with Dustin's old high school friend, Weston, and his cute little family. It was a lot of fun.
The Pumpkin Patch was in Flowermound, Texas where Dustin went to high school so it's fun to see the town he used to live in.
Thomas had fun, he loved being pulled around with the wagon, he also liked the tractor, the bounce houses, and the petting zoo. 
Than afterwards we played some disc golf, well the guys did, while us girls, walked the kids around the  park.
It's been fun having so many friends here in Texas, we have been doing a lot of stuff with my brother and his family, and one of my good friends from working at Porter's, and the Pratt's like today. We've also been making friends from our ward, so we have been pretty busy being social, I've just been really bad at taking pictures because I never have the camera around. 
But enjoy these pictures! I couldn't help taking pictures of the pumpkins because I love the fall and I'm finally feeling like I'm getting a fall after a year and half of summer!
And a little update with us, since I haven't blogged for a while! We are doing good, like I mentioned before we have been hanging out with a lot of couples and getting to know people.  
We also just got called to be Nursery leaders, so that should be interesting....
Just when I got out of primary, Dustin was very excited, me, not as much as him, but after our first day he was like "That was a lot harder than I thought it would be." I just started laughing because it's was just day 1 and we had the old leaders there helping so it's only going to get better ha ha. I think now he understands why I wasn't jumping up and down with joy, but I do think it will be fun, I just need to have a better attitude! It's just hard not to favor Thomas over the other kids, and a kid kept picking on him and it was hard to see that as his parent. 
Also this Halloween we have been making "home made" decorations since we don't have any here in Texas (all back in Idaho, one day we will get all our stuff) and some of it has turned out cute, but we haven't quite finish but I will post it when we are done.
Anyway we are having fun here in Texas, I will admit, I have been having a hard time not having SeaWorld so close, that it's been more of a challenge to entertain Thomas some days. 

Also, I finally updated my art blog! WOW! It's a miracle and I have more to update so check that out more!

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Brianna said...

I love pumpkin patches! I wish I could find a good one. And I wish we lived closer so we could hang out too. Happy Fall! Thinking of you!