Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Weekend

This weekend Thomas and I got to do some fun things for Halloween. Poor Dustin had to work a lot this weekend so he missed out, but he has Halloween off so he will be able to go trick or treating with us!

On Friday, the local library had a little Halloween party, that turned out to be a lot bigger than I anticipated, there were a lot of kids there. Thomas loved it! He was really excited about his costume and figured out pretty quick because he was dressed up he was getting candy. 
The library is in the town hall building (I think that's what it's called) but it has the police station, and other local offices so we went around trick or treating, and they were passing out some good stuff, like stickers, home-made cookies, glow-sticks, and candy. It was awesome!
What was funny, was Thomas didn't understand the concept of putting the candy in his basket, and was trying to hold everything he got, but he finally got that figured out. Also he first thought he had to put the candy in the bowls that people were passing out candy with like he needed to trade one treat for another, so I had to teach him that he gets to keep all the candy, and he thought that was awesome. So once he finally figured the trick treating he was all about it, it was pretty funny.

Than Saturday we went Dustin's aunt and uncle's farm because they had a Harvest Fest. They had chili, truck or treating, and hay rides. Thomas LOVED the hayride that we went twice in a roll. The second time I almost lost my wedding ring! O my gosh, that scared me so bad. It got really cold that night and I guess my fingers shrunk and the ring just slipped right off my finger and went through a crack between the wood planks and fell on the ground in the farm and we were moving, I yelled "STOP!!! I lost my wedding ring!" Luckily uncle Scott saw me waving my arms and stopped the hay ride, and every one got  out and looked for my ring, luckily it was found pretty quick but that was not a fun 5 minutes for me.

Anyway, besides almost losing my ring it was a really fun night and Thomas was really sad when we left. I'm excited to take him trick of treating this week and I'm excited that Dustin can join us this time. 

Here some of the pictures of the weekend (The Harvest Fest are the first set of pictures than the last few are of the Library) 
So I'm dress up as a scare crow, which is hard to tell in these pictures, but it explains the make up on my face. This year I wasn't so creative with our costumes like last Halloween, but being pregnant it was hard to come up with a theme as a family so we kind of did our own thing this year. 
Thomas with his 2nd cousin, Cole.

Pictures from the library trick or treating.
The spiderman is Logan,  he's probably Thomas' first real friend, It's really cute, they both get really excited to see each other and they play really well together. 
Enjoying all their candy, not going to lie, I had my fair share of the goods too.


Brianna said...

looks like fun! It's so funny watching them "get" trick or treating for the first time! Your scarecrow costume looked cute :)

Celia said...

I love his costume! He is such a cutie.