Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch at the Arboretum and Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday we got the chance to hang out with my brother, Michael and his family all day! It was a lot of fun! Again, I can't express how awesome it is to have family close by! 
We went to the pumpkin patch at the Arboretum in Dallas, which is where they took me when I visit them last May, and there were some awesome sculptures if you remember.
We've been meaning to go almost every weekend this month, but something always came up, that I was determined to go this weekend, so I set an alarm for the next morning, making sure we left in time. Well.... Thomas decided to wake up around 2 and wouldn't go back to sleep till 5:30, so we slept through our alarm because all of us were tired, and I end up waking up at 8:10, I jumped right out of bed, freaking out because we should have left way before than, so we got ready as fast as we could, so much for looking nice like I had hoped for for pictures, O well. 
We arrived at Michaels house about an hour late, and we get in their car when the battery was dead, I kept saying this trip was cursed. Anyway we finally got there and the kids had a blast!

The pumpkin patch was AWESOME! 
They had some amazing pumpkin houses and they had a Cinderella carriage that was pretty cool too. The kids loved playing in the straw, so did the husbands... maybe if I wasn't pregnant I would have jumped in too. Thomas had fun carry and rearranging all the little pumpkins. 
Than after the Arboretum we headed to Michael's house and hung out for a little bit, had some dinner and some amazing Pumpkin empanadas like the ones at Taco Time and carved some pumpkins. Thomas had fun watching Dustin clean out the pumpkin and kept pointing at the pumpkin guts and saying "ew". But once we got into the carving he could care less.  
Dustin and I said we were going to go simple this year with our design and just do a face, but no, we decided to draw one out, and again chop off some of our design on accident, it's starting to become our tradition every year. 

Here are all the pumpkins.
The first one was by Michael, and it is a baby in the womb (Trixie's pregnant so they took a picture with her carrying it in front of her belly) but some people said it looked like the Batman sign, so he was good with whatever. 
The second, is mine and Dustin's, they are monsters if you can't tell, the middle one is missing a hand, oops...
Than the 3 pumpkins was Trixie's sister's and her husband's, they did a good job.
Than the jack o-latern was the little boys, and Trixie helped them, that one is my favorite.
Than a Dragon one by Michael as well.

It was a way fun day, and Thomas loves playing with his cousins, and we were exhausted when we got  home, so that should tell you how much fun we had!

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